About Beyond Watch

Beyond Watch got its start in a pub in Westminster, when two designers met over ale. They were discussing the impending layoffs at their office, and figured they would be among the first to go, since they were the last hired. This was about 5 years ago, and these two product designers decided that they would go out on their own. It was just to be a backup, in case they got surplussed.
They called in a little brother who was a computer programmer, and between the three of them, began designing logos and packaging for imaginary products. Their office was a table at the pub, and you can’t believe the imaginary products they designed and “packaged”, including one very elusive idea for “dehydrated water.”
Their first customer was a small, hand-made-soap maker who just wanted a special packaging for her low-volume business. The first designs were drawn on pub napkins. This satisfied customer sent other entrepreneurs to the trio, and soon they were working overtime just trying to keep up with demand. To their surprise, they ended up having to quit their corporate jobs, because their “little” hobby grew almost exponentially.
Their little trio has now grown to a staff of 8, including a full-time secretary. These 8 people turned out a half-million in revenue last year, and are on track to increase that lot by 25% this year.
Logo design, product design, and packaging design are their areas of expertise, and the original 3 still work every day to provide the best designs for their wide variety of customers. If you need a new face for your company, or just want a product design for a special idea you have, contact Beyond Watch and set up a consultation.
The name “Beyond Watch” comes from the late hours the trio kept when they were starting the company. The pub owner told them to go home, because they were beyond the watchman’s hours.
If you would like a consultation with a member of the Beyond Watch team, call or email today for a consultation.