Beyond Watch – Our Online Business Is Better Than Ever

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Beyond Watch, a “startup” design company just over 5 years old, life couldn’t be sweeter. The first quarter of this year has seen the best profit margin yet! This puts this small firm in line to reach one of our goals by the end of the year.

Adding Clients

The first customer Beyond Watch ever had wanted special packaging for her product. This low volume, low turnaround project resulted in a couple of referrals. Which, of course, gained momentum and, with clever marketing from their internet marketing company, LogicalJack small business SEO, requests started pouring in.

The products and services provided by Beyond Watch include product design, logo design, and packaging design. All of these services can be provided remotely, so they have found customers from all over the world. From a soap maker in Westminster, to a private school in Sao Paulo, to a rap artist in Berlin, LogicalJack has been able to get the word out about Beyond Watch, revealing a market the customers never knew existed. Isn’t that the key to salesmanship – showing people something they have never had, and helping them to realize they need it?

Growing Business

With savvy online marketing, Beyond Watch has reached more clients in more countries than they ever thought possible. Through clever marketing strategies, LogicalJack has built a strong rapport across a broad demographic, bringing in a following of loyal customers with unrelenting B2B marketing techniques, such as posting articles on business websites, posting videos, and using social media, among others.

This has helped Beyond Watch to build a good reputation across the industry. Valuable content that is developed for a particular demographic has helped them to bring in many new clients.

Social Media

One of the greatest assets to the company’s marketing activities has been the use of social media. The wide range of demographics reached by the various social media outlets expands the reach and broadens the client base.

Mobile Media

It is estimated that by 2017, 87% of all internet ready devices will be handheld. This means that web design that responds to mobile devices go a long way to keeping the business in the public eye. When shoppers go online on their smartphone to look up products or services, the first company that has an easily navigable site will get the sale. A savvy online marketing company knows this, and can convert your website to mobile applications as well as appropriate for laptops and desktops.

Beyond Watch has a bright future, thanks partly to the company’s unique offerings to the market, and partly due to masterful marketing from Logicaljack. Online marketing has made all the difference in this business, and with the right marketing, a business like Beyond Watch can continue to grow and provide quality products to the market.

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