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Not long ago we were approached by a client who were looking to have packaging designed for a range of outdoor artificial plants, we were excited to come to arrangement and got to work. The qualitative research stage of our projects is always an enjoyable one, but is also a necessary one. It is important to get a better grasp on the motives of the consumer and the perceptions. So what would we do when looking into research for outdoor...

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How to Choose a Winning Logo

Posted By on Apr 29, 2014

Logo design is best taken seriously, if you want to advance your brand. Without a clever logo, your brand will not have a recognizable symbol to attract the eye of the shopper. While you may have an idea for your logo, you would be well advised to seek professional design help with the finished product. A change as simple as line weight or perspective can make all the difference between a failure and a great logo.   Your designer...

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