How to Choose a Winning Logo

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Logo design is best taken seriously, if you want to advance your brand. Without a clever logo, your brand will not have a recognizable symbol to attract the eye of the shopper. While you may have an idea for your logo, you would be well advised to seek professional design help with the finished product. A change as simple as line weight or perspective can make all the difference between a failure and a great logo.


Your designer knows that there are many application in which your logo will be incorporated. This makes it crucial to construct a logo that still looks good, even when it’s no bigger than a coin. It will be reduced in size to go on your company stationery and give-away items such as pens, sweat bands, and soft-drink cozies.

It also needs to be interesting enough to catch the eye when it’s blown-up to billboard size, or poster size. Your designer knows what to look for, and will render your logo first in the small scale to see what it looks like. Then, he’ll print out a poster size to see how it handles the process.

Color Selection

Logo design relies heavily on the use of color. Ironically, the same design needs to transfer well to black and white, as well. While some may think that combinations of bright colors is ideal for getting attention, a professional designer will know that poor color choice can actually turn people away. They’ll remember your logo, alright, but they’ll remember it to stay away from it.

Colors elicit moods, and combinations of colors can elicit several emotions. In the United States, for example, red, white, and blue still demonstrate a sense of patriotism and strength that is used for most businesses offering security services, sporting goods, and even banking.



Usually, a logo will contain a graphic and text. The graphic should be thoroughly researched, and viewed from every angle over a period of time. It should also be viewed in the negative. This is because of the possibility of mistakes that can render an otherwise catchy design into something vulgar – yes, it has happened! Generally, the simpler the logo, the better. Work with your designer to determine if you want a 3-D look, a bubble graphic, shadows, or other “special effects” in your logo graphic. It’s important to consider your product or service when selecting these graphics, as you can communicate professionalism or innovation with this part of your logo.

Then the text states your company name. The font is of utmost importance. Just as with the graphic, the type of font you choose will portray the personality of your business. If you are innovative and creative, offering services in the arts, you would select from one category of fonts. However, if you run an architectural firm, you don’t want a “fun loving” font in your logo.

Think of Nike, with its now iconic swoosh. At first, the simple swoosh was secondary to the Nike name. Now, the swoosh is all you see. Nike doesn’t even need to put their name in the ad. Now, THAT’S brand recognition.

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