Packaging and Printing In The Music Industry

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Everyone knows that the majority of audio music is distributed on CDs rather than DVDs. CDs will also be a major marketing vehicle and may be used to circulate promotional material of a company. Applications is also an additional form of information that’s sold via CDs. No matter what you use CDs for they have to be nicely packaged to protect them from liquids, scratches and even breakage, thus safeguarding the information therein. Custom CD packaging supplies among the greatest methods to advertise CDs in a sense that’s unique only to a artist or firm.

CD packaging print may come in the form of jewel cases, cardboard and tray pockets, or paper and vinyl sleeves inserts featuring graphic images that are attractively colored. An affordable way to distribute software and promotional material is provided by paper sleeves. On the flip side, vinyl sleeves are good for distributing material that has high presentation quality. These offer better protection than the paper sleeves and with the right print finishing equipment they make for quite attractive CD pockets and are also light.


In a bid to be environmentally friendly, CD packaging print has taken to the usage of biodegradable inks. The inks will be sealed to the packaging and this way fewer compounds are used and the environment is protected from hazardous waste. Most businesses that provide this service use CMYK printing processes to print the sleeves and inserts for his or her CD packaging augmentations. This technique results in complete colour printouts and with top quality images consequently it is only appropriate that this process is chosen by one to be able to market his/her CDs more efficiently.

An essential note to take with CD packaging printing is the layout. You want to keep the amount of fonts as well as graphical details to a minimum to make sure that you don’t end up getting text that is much too cramped . Promotion will probably confuse the potential customer and give a negative view towards the contents of the CD. 

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