Packaging Design And The Research Stage

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Not long ago we were approached by a client who were looking to have packaging designed for a range of outdoor artificial plants, we were excited to come to arrangement and got to work. The qualitative research stage of our projects is always an enjoyable one, but is also a necessary one. It is important to get a better grasp on the motives of the consumer and the perceptions.

So what would we do when looking into research for outdoor artificial plants? generally use in depth interviews as our qualitative technique. We use this instead of focus groups as it’s hard to avoid bias and contamination inherent within the group. You can get great detail and a lot more information from depth interviews, some say ever 10 times as much information per person than a focus group. With depth interviews a person can’t hide whilst others talk, and also they cannot be influenced by what others in a group might have said. Depth interviews can either be performed in person (the best method), but they can also be done online. The trick to depth interviews it to watch facial expressions, body language and the subjects other movements.

Another method we might use is Ethnography, this research is mostly about observing a subject, it also has the benefits of being free of contamination and Bias. The way it works is a consumer is usually observed at the shops, interacting with products and packaging.

These are some of the techniques employed, you then pick subjects from the people you have interviewed. You’ll want to speak to those who are core users of the product if your product is from a large brand, if not you’ll want to speak to the prospective users.

After this competitor research takes place and we begin looking into the more complicated aspects.

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