Plant Packaging Advice

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When it comes to packaging for plants, Protecting the plant and garden planters is most significant — in order picking in the greenhouse and different methods of transport to the point-of-sale in the retail marketplace there are distinct influences on the plant.

Rubbing, cold and humidity are risk factors that can be reduced using appropriate sleeves. Especially for indoor herbs or plants a sleeve can help to get them securely into the end-user.


Apart from that, sleeves function as communication medium with the user. Important information regarding plant maintenance can be imprinted or attractive pictures lead to a positive purchasing decision. Impulse buyings triggered by enticing sleeves measurably raise a fast sale. The packaging is the figurehead of a new and is assumed to earn a product’s value clear to the customer at first view. We develop individual concepts matching your target group. Differentiate from your competitors and show your product’s additional value to the clients.

Protection of product and advertising communication will be the two major arguments for sleeves but also the price is really appealing. Profit from our experience from thought to creation and print and let your plant shine. We look forward to hearing from you.

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